Mastering Microsoft Excel

   Who Can Participate?

  • It's a beginner to intermediate level course. Anyone interested to learn Microsoft Excel.
  • Data Entry job seekers.
  • Those who want to be an office accountant

Participant's Requirement:
  • Personal Computer (Laptop,desktop,tablet).
  • Internet connection.
  • Basic internet knowledge.
  • Must be familiar with Google Meet , as classes / sessions will be held online.
  • It will be good, if participants have some knowledge about MS Office Application. But not mandatory.

Date: TBA
No. of Classes/Sessions: 10 days (each day 1 hr 30 min class)
Time: Sat, Mon, Wed (6:30 - 8:00 PM) or Sun, Tues, Thurs (4:30 - 6:00)
Registration Fee: 1500 Taka    700 Taka      


Creating a Basic Excel Worksheet

  • Identify the Elements of the User Interface
  • Customize the Excel Interface
  • Work with Cells
  • Enter Data in an Excel Workbook

Performing Calculations in an Excel Worksheet

  • Create Basic Formulas
  • Calculate the Cell Values by Using Functions
  • Copy Formulas and Functions

Modifying an Excel Worksheet

  • Manipulate Data
  • Modify the Worksheet Elements
  • Search for Data in a Worksheet
  • Modify Rows and Columns

Formatting an Excel Worksheet

  • Modify Fonts
  • Check a Worksheet for Spelling Errors
  • Apply Number Formatting
  • Add Borders and Colors to Cells
  • Align the Content in a Cell
  • Apply Cell Styles

Printing Excel Workbooks

  • Set the Page Layout Options
  • Set Page Breaks
  • Print a Workbook

Managing an Excel Workbook

  • Format Worksheet Tabs
  • Manage Worksheets
  • View Worksheets and Workbooks

Batch Time Schedule:
  • Saturday, Monday, Wednesday (6:30 - 8:00 PM)
  • Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday (4:30 - 6:00 PM)